So the radio in my car doesn’t work cause the arial is broken and there’s a Westlife album stuck in the CD player, so listening to music when travelling for 45mins to and from work is quite boring, when time is boring like this the mind tends to wonder on many things i the morning it’s fixed on sleep and wanting more and more of it, but on the way home in the evening you tend to think about lots of different things.

These things tend to be bits that I’ve picked up during the day in work from general chatter that has caught my attention, from internal emails or from the news that I’ve read on the web. So as you could imagine the mind tends to wonder thinking some strange things that really have no interest to me.

One of these pondering’s was after the latest Emergency Budget where fuel has not been given a tax increase, which to me is VERY surprising. But I was thinking that has this government realised that it cannot base it’s main income on fuel duty due to the fact that the oil reserves on this planet are thinning out rather quickly and once it’s gone they will loose all that income.

Then there was that VAT was being increased as of the 01/01/2011 to 20%. So inflation next year starts at 2.5% adding onto that rough inflation of 3% that’s over a 5% inflation for next year where wages are definatly not going to be able to keep up with. Already inflation is going up faster than the average wage, which is going to affect those on the lower wage scales quite badly.

One thing that really caught my eye was a announcement by ViginMedia that they are scaling up their network to support 400Mb broadband connections and are looking to 100Mb connections available by the end of this year. I’ve not yet got myself the 50Mb connection they provide currently, the 20Mb connection seems to do me justice and covers my current needs. If I do get a remote working job where I can work from home then the faster connections will deff be on the cards. These speeds though allow for cloud computing. They are also looking at finally expanding their network using over head cables, reminds me back in the late 80’s / early 90’s when cable(Pipe in them days and yes I was young then but i do remember) was over head. Which for me is a good thing to see as currently I have said that I will only live in a cabled area as ADSL doesn’t offer the reliability that I have seen with cable.

Also in this announcement (BBC News) they talk of cloud computing where all of your stuff is stored somewhere online rather than locally on your PC, which yes will work for business’s as the need for desktop computers will no longer be needed keeping IT costs down, but for the home user, ok yes it will also keep the costs down, all of your personal information being stored on a server that you cannot physically touch to me is a bit daunting. I do have a Google Docs account but  the only thing I’ve got in there is my CV and don’t really use it.

If someone was to get hold of my account login details and I’d used it to the full with the documents that I keep stored on my  home PC, well they’d probably be able to clone me without any hindrance. Also what would happen if somehow the company you are using for your cloud goes bust over night and everything shuts down, there is a chance then that all your documents, pictures and videos could be lost forever.

Well this is probably the biggest online article I’ve written to date, not that I have written many in the past, hopefully there will be more to follow not that this is interesting in the slightest really well it is titled too many thoughts….

Anyway leave me some comments 🙂