So over the number of years I’ve run this blog, I’ve not really posted much just adding the odd rambling here or there and not really done what i aimed to do with my personal blog.

My aim’s were:

  • To post personal views on things happening in the world as we see it.
  • Post blogs on personal achievements of my families an mine.
  • Tech blogs to give post to help others from beginners in IT to even those more seasoned IT “guru’s”
  • Short stories. We all have those dreams that feel so real that we remember them, well I was hoping to put them down in black and white and of course any other weird story that might pop into my head.

So this didn’t happen as often as I would have liked and over the years it’s been through a few domain changes and ended up on it’s current iteration (Fine See). Well recently I’ve been having mixed feeling about shaking things up thanks to YouTube and many thousands of video bloggers on there.

Over the years I’ve owned a lot of domains and currently still have a number registered, these are:

The 2 ProNetFusion domains I’ve had for quite a number of years and on a number of occasions was tempted to let them lapse but there’s something inside me that just wont let it happen. They were original in-scripted to help earn some a little extra on the side by providing computer repair services to those in the South Wales area, needless to say it was a failure (the address still hosts the original site).

FramedFoto was my attempt at selling photography services, mainly to try and get my camera gear to cover a bit of their own costs. Well that was a bad idea really so now I’m just going to let the site die off and maybe in the future re-visit but for now it’s going to the domain graveyard.

So this leaves and Both of these domains have come about from my ventures on YouTube and Twitch, as most of those who know me, know that I in the past few years have passed my motorbike license and have re-invigorated my passion for electronics. Well after completing my CBT and getting my theory test out of the way before taking lessons and my test for my main bike license, I took to YouTube and looked for those video bloggers out there looking to help those learning to ride the main one i found I benefited from was Road Craft Nottingham ( a riding instructor who give a lot of good advice and demonstration rides of what the testers are expecting to see etc.

Well this give me the idea that once I was on the road and comfortable at riding on my own I would start my own motovlog (motor base video blog for those who are wondering). Since passing my test and getting a bike I’ve had nothing but problems, my first bike a Honda CB600s Hornet was stolen almost 3 weeks to the day of getting it. After that once the insurance paid out I got myself a Suzuki GSF600 Bandit which was good and I got to the road even ended up with my daughter as pillion and once i was comfortable enough to start blogging well things went down hill from there.

My first video ( which wasn’t a blog was more me just testing the camera, I was on my way home from work and the bike cut out from low fuel i knew this was due to happen so pulled over to switch over to reserve and well found the fuel tap had actually fallen off. Luckily the original tool kit was still under the seat of this and so used the pliers from this kit to get underway again. Well shortly after this video the bikes MOT was due and as it would be it needed a new set of headers as the clamps that hold the link pipe in place had broken away, so ordered a new set of headers they came start removing the old set and the bolts that hold them to the head snapped, 4 of them in total, so since then the bike has sat in the garage 🙁

Well the naming Bumbling Welshman come from the fact I bumble ( a lot and I’m Welsh. So will now become my personal blog, motovlog and gaming blog/stream, which will be covered by the site, the YouTube channel ( and Twitch channel ( This will also include my short stories, unless they become more prominent then I might look at breaking them off to their own site.

This leads on to, as I mentioned that I’ve recently re-invigorated my passion for electronics plus there’s my tech background. Well these go hand in hand so i’m breaking those off to their own site, this will cover my tech posts and my electronics as i go through the steep earning curve once more. This again will also encompass a YouTube channel ( where I’ll post demo’s of my electronics projects and will also post tech tutorials and possibly product reviews etc.

This leaves my with well for now this will become my management / development domain.

That’s it now for will post more updates as and when things happen.