So the radio in my car doesn’t work cause the arial is broken and there’s a Westlife album stuck in the CD player, so listening to music when travelling for 45mins to and from work is quite boring, when time is boring like this the mind tends to wonder on many things i the morning it’s fixed on sleep and wanting more and more of it, but on the way home in the evening you tend to think about lots of different things.

These things tend to be bits that I’ve picked up during the day in work from general chatter that has caught my attention,Continue reading

For a long time I’ve been needing to make a change in my life so I think its about time I pulled my finger out.

I’m currently working on a IT helpdesk which don’t get me wrong isn’t a bad job but doesn’t challenge me enough to excel myself.

So from today I’m going to push forward in learning Java and try together into some software development.

I already have an idea for a project for my first application just got to get to the level needed to be able to write it. Watch this blog for updates.

As for its still work in progress but it is coming along nicely.

Still looking for people to help out with the content creation so if your interested get in touch.

Well it’s the time of year the start of the BBQ season. Well there’s plenty of choice of styles and sizes of BBQ’s available out there but I’ve been sent a picture of this beauty and find it one of the most funkiest BBQ’s I’ve ever seen. So come on comment and post links to weird and wonderful BBQ’s you’ve seen.

So sitting here in work pondering on where I want to go from here. I’d like to get more technical possible move into development, but the biggest question is how am I going to achieve it.

Do i find a project with someone to help me along the way or think of my own project and just learn as i develop it. I have been thinking more to the later as I will learn my own way of coding rather than learning someone else’s. Now the big question what can I do as a project and what language to go with.

Ok so was up at half 5 this morning to get ready for work but it didn’t seem so cold so thought the car wouldn’t be so frozen but of course I was wrong. So started the car up and left it thaw out so I could at least see where I was going 🙂 well I had a little surprise when. I saw the outside temperature sitting at a bone chilling -6 celcius and here’s the pic to prove it lol mind it did show -7 when I got to work..