Tag: idleweb

May 28, 2011

New Home….

Well now I’ve got pretty much got my new UK based webhost all up ‘n’ running, semi successfully transfered my sites and thanks to a well known auction site(eBay) a new domain name bumbling.uk (fine see) just for my personal blog/site. It’s now time for me to start working on my project site. My main project being www.techrag.co.uk which is something i’ve been wanting to […]

June 14, 2010

Time for a change…..

For a long time I’ve been needing to make a change in my life so I think its about time I pulled my finger out. I’m currently working on a IT helpdesk which don’t get me wrong isn’t a bad job but doesn’t challenge me enough to excel myself. So from today I’m going to push forward in learning Java and try together into some […]

May 20, 2010

New Project – IdleWeb.eu

I’ve been looking in to doing something decent with a website for a long time. As I currently work on a IT support desk I’ve been thinking of the types of calls we keep getting. The majority of calls are for the most basic of things that user could do quite easily and most are something most home users would need to know/do. So what […]