I’ve been looking in to doing something decent with a website for a long time. As I currently work on a IT support desk I’ve been thinking of the types of calls we keep getting. The majority of calls are for the most basic of things that user could do quite easily and most are something most home users would need to know/do.

So what I come up with was a website full of walk through tutorials on the most common of tasks home and small business users would do. Also the site will include common problems users come up against on a daily basis.

I was thinking of a name for the site and in he end come up with IdleWeb. I then checked for the domain name idleweb.com but this was taken by a advert holding page, so I did a check on all top level domains and the one that caught my eye was idleweb.eu, so here we have it: www.idleweb.eu

As you can see there’s only a coming soon screen on there but I am working on the back-end as you read this. Once the back-end is done it’s on the content creation which will take time, this leads me onto the next thing.

I am now looking for other techs out there to help out and create content for the site so if your interested in helping out drop me a line.