So the radio in my car doesn’t work cause the arial is broken and there’s a Westlife album stuck in the CD player, so listening to music when travelling for 45mins to and from work is quite boring, when time is boring like this the mind tends to wonder on many things i the morning it’s fixed on sleep and wanting more and more of it, but on the way home in the evening you tend to think about lots of different things.

These things tend to be bits that I’ve picked up during the day in work from general chatter that has caught my attention,Continue reading

So Microsoft’s Internet Explorer vast caverns of bugs strikes again. Microsoft has admitted that a bug in Internet Explorer 6 cause the last hacks against googlemail which has lead to Google looking at pulling out of China. Link to the BBC news website below:

This really does stress the urge to move to a more secure browser. I highly recommend Firefox which again does have it’s bugs just like EVERY piece of software known to mankind but is alot more secure as it does not allow you to run activex components which can contain very harmful code.

There are quite a few alternatives available the majority being completely free. A good list of available browser can be found a the following link:

Also the use of anti-virus/internet security suites is now highly recommended again there is quite few packages to choose from on the internet, the one I currently use and cannot complain about as it takes up alot less resources than most is C.O.M.O.D.O also is free, is available here:

A good list of available packages out there is available on the Wikipedia site:

But even with these please try and be virilant towards what you view on the web and do not give out personal details to anyone you do not trust or understand fully.