So sitting here in work pondering on where I want to go from here. I’d like to get more technical possible move into development, but the biggest question is how am I going to achieve it.

Do i find a project with someone to help me along the way or think of my own project and just learn as i develop it. I have been thinking more to the later as I will learn my own way of coding rather than learning someone else’s. Now the big question what can I do as a project and what language to go with.

Ok so was up at half 5 this morning to get ready for work but it didn’t seem so cold so thought the car wouldn’t be so frozen but of course I was wrong. So started the car up and left it thaw out so I could at least see where I was going 🙂 well I had a little surprise when. I saw the outside temperature sitting at a bone chilling -6 celcius and here’s the pic to prove it lol mind it did show -7 when I got to work..

Ok so this is the first time i’ve written my own blog.  Hopefully I won’t get writers block and spurt out a load of old crap.

I will try and get a custom theme created but will change it randomly as i browse through the selection that is available for wordpress.

Check out the about page for more details about me.