Slowly her eye’s opened to the stale smell of recycled air, a small orange glow coming from the cabinet in the far corner of the room that slowly pulsated temporarily lighting the entire room. Everything seemed peaceful not a sound to be heard, this aroused suspicion not even the drone of the docking motors could be heard.

Suddenly there was an almighty thud that echoed through the colossal structure, at this point Kimmiki knew exactly what this was, she screamed at the AI to turn the lights on and prepare her capsule. She stood in the capsule chamber as the interface cables automatically attached themselves to her spine then lifted gently the capsule slammed shut and flooded with the life fluid needed for space travel. Soon she felt more alive than ever before as all the capsules sensors started to feed information straight in to the cerebrum.

Kimmiki, with a single thought had her Pilgrim loaded into the docking bay, the capsule injected inside and un-docking request was sent to the station dock commander. “Are you insane? It’s pure carnage out there, they are leaving the station alone for the moment but any ship trying to leave is being decimated.” Asked Commander Arlov, “Have support fleets been assembled and dispatched?” Replied Kimmiki totally calm seemingly oblivious to the relentless destruction outside. “Yes, but they are 3 systems out and it appears Concord have no intention of intervening.” the radio crackled with interference from another warp drive explosion “Oh my god” and the chatter went silent.

All of a sudden the station went into red alert with sirens sounding all over, then across all frequencies “A personnel planetary drop ship is under attack, there are over 10,000 civilians aboard, any pilot willing an able to help please un-dock immediately” this echoed throughout the emergency broadcast system. “Arlov” Kimmiki calmly said “Release my clamps immediately”, with that the combat recon cruisers engine roared in to life.

As Kimmiki’s ship entered into open space, she could see the immense fleet and the hail of weapons fire falling upon the helpless drop ship. Instantly Kimmiki willed her ship into actioned the hull shimmered as the ships hardners and armour repair units came online, the engine roared as the afterburner activated and turned towards what appeared to be the attacking fleets lead vessel, a Bhaalghorn class battleship. The moment a lock was successful, Kimmiki let rip the heavy pulse lasers that had recently been installed and due to the nature of her ship, unleashed a torrent of tracking disruption and energy neutralisation, almost completely making this behemoth of a vessel useless to the rest of the fleet. This ship due to it’s sheer size in comparison to the combat recon the lasers barely made a dent to it’s armour plating, but did what Kimmiki intended drew the fire of the entire fleet allow the drop ship to be pulled back to the safety of the station.

Instantly shouts of relief bellowed across the ships radio, but this was hind site to this fearless pilot who was now dealing with this entire fleets wrath. Once the drop ship was cleared Kimmiki swiftly refocused all her efforts at a small fleet command battlecruiser, again completely rendering this vessel useless to fleet, but with more success her heavy lasers and now small fleet of combat drones tore through the hull of the ship. Kimmiki watched on as impact after impact onto the battlecruiser of the pale white light of the lasers, the ship slowly disintegrating till it’s warp cover overloaded and all but completely vaporised the ship and it’s crew. Once this happened the fleet could instantly be seen to be less organised and the incoming barrage of ammunition was hitting with less force but inevitably there was nothing Kimmiki could do to stop her beloved ship from being destroyed.

A squadron of interceptors had landed on the field and locked on with warp disrupter’s disabling the only method escape Kimmiki’s ship had. So Kimmiki sent her combat drones to attack more of the smaller cruisers with devastating efficiency but only making a mere scratch in the fleet, with this came the alarm that had been waited for from the moment  she boarded her ship, the warp drive was going critical, this triggered the emergency release of her capsule throwing her from the vessel as it erupted in a bright almost sun like explosion. Immediately Kimmiki willed the ship to warp to a safe location within the system but it was too late one of the interceptors had already locked onto the capsule and disabled it’s warp engine. A message was received on Kimmiki’s neocom “Adiós Amigo” with that a single beam of light from the Bhaalghorn tore straight through the capsule and everything went dark.

15 system jumps away a new life was born not that of a combining of DNA from 2 parties but that encoded in a secure burst transmission and fed into a fully grown body. Kimmiki gasped for air, “Keep calm, the transfer was a success” a soft voice spoke out from the darkness, “Your clone has initialised fully, all motor skills are in place and functioning, open your eye’s your home”. Kimmiki soon gathered her thoughts and asked for her neocom. Once again in a methodical calm voice asked the AI to reach Commander Arlov, “How is the battle there now?” she asked. “The support fleet landed a few minutes after your ship and capsule were destroyed. They are making light work of this fleet now thanks to your efforts in removing the command ship from the field.” replied Arlov in a relieved voice “I cannot thank you enough for saving the drop ship, it’s captain asked me personally to thank you should you survive”. “Good” she replied “All in a days work”.

Within minutes of the battle ending Kimmiki’s neocom vibrates signalling a incoming call. “Kimmiki, I hope your loss was not too costly” asked a deep commanding voice. “Nah just a drop in the ocean, I was given a share of the salvage from the Bhaalghorn and it was a handsome reward I must say” Kimmiki joked “Just another day in New Eden”.


Kimmiki can be seen by many as a God and there are those who believe they walk amongst the star as gods, they are immortals given never ending life with technology, these are the capsuleers of New Eden able to fly massive behemoths of space baring vessels dealing planet destroying damage through the cosmos. Do you dare challenge them?

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