Ok so sitting in work talking to some of my colleagues about stuff you talk about when bored lol well everyone talked about what they done on the weekend most of them how drunk they got and the stupid things they got upto, so I thought I’d mention the new air rifle that I bought (Air Arms MPR-FT left handed), as soon as I did the conversation went quiet as in them not approving of shooting as a sport. I seem to get this alot lately when talking to people.

I find that most of them have never fired an air gun and have no ideas on how big the sport is now coming. The only time you every see shooting on TV it’s cause of something bad that’s happened. In th UK more people are killed from being hit by a car or even taking drugs.

Shooting is an Olympic sport and is highly disciplined. I’ve found that youngsters (Myself included when I was classed as a youngster lol) are a lot less likely to get into trouble in a serious way due to the discipline taught with the safe handling of firearms including air guns.

The reason for this post is that I’m completely and utterly FED UP of the public opinion towards guns. Why can’t the press cover the sport and show the good side.